What Researchers Need Know About Data Sharing

Overall, there is not a lot of controversy over the subject and practice of data sharing. After all, how does mankind benefit in any way from keeping scientific research and evidence behind a lock and key? But, there are two sides to every story and the layered issues of data sharing are no exception. Sure,... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Communicating Through Scientific Images

Communication power in science has transferred from paper abstracts/research to scientific imagery displaying relevant data. These images of science are used to teach, to inform, and to garner issue visibility. With globalization, face-to-face communication is not as readily available as earlier times. With the advent of technology for communication, imagery transfer becomes as valuable as... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Data Sharing in Medical Research

Necessary Medical research is tantamount to people living longer and better lives, but that said, sharing what is learned in each medical silo, across all silos, is riddled with levels of impossibility. Patients have rights and they are aggressively defended by laws and those looking to litigiously pursue violations of those protections. There is no... Continue Reading →

A guide to image licensing

You've created a new project that you want to sell, and all you need is to add a few images to it. You think that it shouldn't be that hard, since it seems that the internet is full of images out there on social media. Also, you've got 3 emails this month that tout their... Continue Reading →

How to explain data through visualizations

People process information and difficult subject matter much more effectively through visual explanations rather than written and spoken content. According to numerous studies, people process visual information ten of thousands of times more quickly than written text, and people who receive information through visual content are 43 percent more likely to do as they are... Continue Reading →

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